How to activate your candle

Hey! We see that you have already received our artisanal candle and we hope it brought a smile on your face.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use your Noori candle to get the best experience!

Take a few deep breaths and release all the tension and unwanted energy from your body.

Does any affirmation call to you in particular? Well go ahead and circle that. You can also set your own intention and affirmation.

Let the scent and aroma fill your space and mind.

(Make sure to keep your candle in a safe and stable place with no drafts)

You can also meditate with the crystals and/or use the warmth and light of the candle to release unwanted stress, anxiety and fear. You can now start attracting all that you desire.

The crystal and the scent of the candle all hold transformational healing properties which will help enlighten your inner and outer space. Psst..Just remember that your journey and your experiences are all unique to you 🙂

Find your Noor, within you!

Happy journey!

Small reminder: Since all of our jars and candles are hand-made, each piece is unique and will slightly differ from another piece.